Researchers are Making Strides in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Breast cancer research and treatment. We all hear talk about it, see organizations raising money to support it, but do we know what it entails and the strides that are being made behind laboratory doors? This article from the gives a phenomenal overview of what’s currently being accomplished. Every dollar donated helps push researchers one step closer to one day finding a cure for breast cancer. Research studies vary. Some concentrate in areas of lifestyle, genetics and environmental factors and how they might cause breast cancer. Other studies are in areas of screening and treatment.

We here at SWS Design Studio created the pink24 campaign to support breast cancer research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The BCRF donates .91 cents of every dollar to research and awareness programs. When you donate to the BCRF, you can feel good knowing your dollars are hard at work in the fight against breast cancer.

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Consider shopping our pink24 line to support of breast cancer research. Our line of high-style, modern and personalized note cards make great gifts for coworkers, family, friends and for yourself! 50% of the proceeds from pink24 products will be donated to BCRF.