Valentine Hershey Candy Wrapper {FREE PRINTABLE}

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it would be fun to design a set of Valentine Hershey candy wrappers to share. I always love reading the conversation hearts but they’re not my favorite candy to eat! With these wrappers you get the best of both worlds:  the fun sayings AND yummy chocolate! These wrappers are super-quick to print and cut and make for a great craft project to do with your kids!

Sweet Chocolate Sayings











To make the valentine’s wrappers, you’ll need a bag of Hersheys Nuggets, trimmer or scissors, glue or tape.

hersheys milk chocolate nuggets










Use the cutting guides on the template to cut each wrapper.

cutting template











The finished size will be 1″ wide x 3″ long.

cut wrappers











Wrap the paper around the chocolate and add a little glue or double-sided tape to the end and voila!

completed chocolate wrap copy











The hardest part – making sure you have enough chocolate left to wrap! These will make a yummy addition to your child’s classroom valentine cards. They’re also perfect for teens to hand out to friends as they pass in the hall!


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